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Re: Lactating ladies

Originally Posted by bigloser0 View Post
i want to try too. MILK + FJ.
If she is available..
Sorry she is not FL and not selling milk (watery but little bit sweet tasting)

I dun even get FJ so dun think u will. U need to chat some 有缘 and proceed from there.

Btw her quad helix braces are on.


So don’t think u will wanna risk Didi in mouse trap. Lol

Originally Posted by Dondon26 View Post
Bro I new to this but if can share contact I got one to share with you !
U can jio me and 2 Bros to ur regular MP, & intro ur ML, we will in turn bring u to our fav ones.

We dun mind if jus hard and good massage w no GQ. Or at least no black face and eat clock, if we reject GQ

Sometimes GQ or not is individual case by case. If ML like u (finds acceptable or neeeds $) she ask GQ. Vice versa, if ML CMI we can reject too but mostly if her skill is good (to steam u or SAI nai) then u will not reject her GQ right?

Anyway u just turn 18? No worries lah, plenty of opportunities, jus need to burn some dough & rubber (from ur soles and for Didi lol)

U can try different MPs and FR share ur finds, then can ask Bros to share / exchange la
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